Tour Planning Google Sheet for songwriters and bands

A couple days ago, I released my Tour Planner (let's call it version 1.0). 

It's a Google Sheet that I've built over time. I made a bunch of updates to it recently because I'm planning a tour just after the summer. 

In the past, I would use Google Maps to plan my tour and get driving distances between destinations. This provided me a route map and the ability to do some basic fuel/travel budgeting. 

In the latest iteration of the tool, I added automation. Enter a starting location (city, state) and then start adding destinations. As you add the destinations, the distance between locations is automatically calculated along with drive time. This is totaled at the top of the sheet, again, allowing you to budget for transportation costs. 

I also give a place to add lodging and food costs daily.

It's an imprecise budget and doesn't include paid promotions, merchandise, or paying team-members. But, if there is an interest, I'll add those items.

Here is a video demonstrating how it works. Links to the tool and instructions are below the video.

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You'll need a Gmail account to copy and use the tool. Open the link and select, File->Make a Copy.

Then, close my couple and use the copy you've created on your Google Drive. If you want to stay updated on this and other tools, fill out the form (linked). Also, let me know your thoughts on this tool.


Tour Planning Google Sheet
Tour Planner Instructions
Form: Stay updated

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