Updates and About Updates

This is like the frequent, semi-committed, YouTuber who starts every video with, “It’s been awhile since I posted, let me catch you up…”

Although, truth is, I haven’t been on hiatus or gone… I’ve been right here. Well, sometimes I’ve been over there. But, rest-assured, I’ve been somewhere and plan to be somewhere for as long as possible.

Blogging and Scheduling

My God! I like to write.

And, given the feedback, a couple book deals, numerous articles, etc., I’ll step out and say I’m pretty good at it too. But I’ve bemoaned the fact that as my career progressed, my writing became more cautious, sometimes less humorous, more limited, etc. I’ve taken a few steps to remedy that, writing in a more free-form style.

I used to write a blog entry every Monday and every Thursday. One was technology or IT career related, the other more personal interest, political satire/sarcasm, pop-culture or revealing my lack of pop-culture awareness, or music related.

Inspiration Is Work

There is a misnomer that creativity is a wait/seek inspiration type of thing. However, any professional writer who speaks or writes on the subject, dispels that notion. Can you imagine a writer for late night TV, tasked with writing news of the day riffs for the host, saying to his boss, “I’m just not finding my muse… inspiration, ya know?

And then they would be told to pack up their desk and go home.

I wrote about this many years ago. Read my blog on writing and the silver bullet. It references Stephen King’s admonishment to show up at the same time, same place, everyday, so your muse knows where to find you. And if your muse doesn’t show up, at least you did the work.

That being said, I am committing to a schedule. It’s Wednesday, so the full schedule will be implemented next week – using a Sunday through Saturday schedule. But I’m not waiting until next week to start.

Also, the schedule isn’t so restrictive or regimented that I cannot go off schedule – adding something between the scheduled posts. It’s more of a minimum guideline.

Finally, I write technical and IT project related content that gets published on my consulting company’s site and/or at the IT Career Toolkit. Those post may end up being referenced here, though not double-published. They are part of the schedule.

My Schedule

  • Monday: Music Monday (a song, something about songwriting/performing, or anything related @ MatthewMoranOnline)
  • Tuesday: Technology Tuesday (a tech/consulting related post @ PulseInfomatics)
  • Thursday: Humor/Satire, Creativity, Story (fiction or non-fiction), or ??? @ MatthewMoranOnline)

My goal is to write everyday – 365 days a year. Could be a paragraph, could be 20. Could be a song, poem, or quippy phrase. But the published schedule is as stated above. And if I add an update, a photo gallery from a hike or other outing, or anything else, that’s a BONUS! Luck you! Right?

Consulting Updates

I was working on a large and interesting data reporting project. Microsoft Access/SQL Server, Excel VBA, etc. It was through another consulting company and required me to update my consulting resume. I also updated and better focused the information at Pulse Infomatics.

I also published a three part series on Concept Over Process @ Pulse as well:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Music Updates

I’m updating this site – mostly paring down information and making it easier to get to the music and relevant information.

My band, Arrogant Sage, played The Mercury Lounge in Goleta (North of Santa Barbara) last week. I was remiss in getting pictures but I heard there may be some videos to update pretty soon. We’ll be back up there in early 2019.

I’ll back playing a solo show at Barclays Coffee in the very near future as well. I’ll probably invite a musical guest to perform with me.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a bit more recording and with far-better understanding using Reaper – a Pro Tools like DAW (recording software). Here is a version of Marie I did in the morning a couple days before Thanksgiving. Hopefully I’ll have the band record it soon – you won’t have to endure my lead guitar playing. 😉


If you are on Facebook with me, you may have seen some of these – or not, algorithms being what they are.

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