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My First Tour

Back in 2009, I planned and executed my first tour. I learned a lot of simple things to help make the process simpler. Some of it relates to how to contact venues and I discuss those in the article linked above. I also discuss how I use Google Maps to plan the tour. I wanted to provide a tutorial video for this information as well.

The video below demonstrates how I use Google Maps and Google Docs to plan my tour route and store it for later editing and collaboration (sharing).

Tour Planning Tips

  • A tour is geographically and chronologically linear set of shows.
  • Have a website - being professional helps venues book you.
  • Contact venues with specific dates. It's best to get a yes/no quickly.
  • Call the venue by phone to introduce yourself first. They are far more likely to respond to your booking email if they "know you." 
  • If the date isn't available, ask who else books music in their town. This can lead to a referral of sorts. 
    "Hi Mary. Joe at ABC Venue suggested I contact you about playing music at your place."

Using Google Maps (& Docs)

If you do NOT have a Gmail account, stop what you are doing and start one. Seriously. There are too many free tools and apps to ignore.

If you have a manager/booking assistant, you can share a folder with your tour planning info, images and other collateral, etc. Sharing the folder is better than sharing each file. Create a folder and share it - then anything you put into that folder inherits the permissions of the folder. It is simpler to organize and secure the information.

I covered this idea in a previous blog. It was focused on music collaboration. but the concepts apply here as well. 

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