VLOG #3 – tech tool edition. Google Keep for cloud-based, share-able/collaborative notes and list

We didn’t do a post for vlog #2 – about being annoyed, so watch that here.

Google Apps are Amazing


“Google is abysmal at being amazing!”

So few gmail users know the myriad of apps they have access to. Google has done a horrible job of showing what’s available and how to best use them.

Google Keep: notes, list, and more.

My cousin asked me if I used Google Keep. My answer, absolutely. I found Evernote – for basic lists – to be too much. Plus, wherever possible, I want to keep my apps and utilities under a single account.

Why I LOVE Google Keep

  • Cross-platform: PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, tablets, etc.
  • Simple list and notes – easy to use immediately. No learning curve.
  • Location (geo) reminders – bring up a reminder when I reach a destination, city, etc.
  • Share-able – collaborate in real-time with other gmail users.
    This is the single-most powerful and under-utilized feature of most Google Apps.
  • And more…

Google Keep Video

For my vlog #3, I show why and how I use Google Keep

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