I Wanna Date a Millennial

Note: I updated this on 4/9 to include a recording done in my office on my YETI podcasting mic.

I had a conversation with a friend a couple weeks ago about my why I hadn’t had a steady girlfriend for several years.

I made a comment about only wanting to date millennials because of yoga pants. (funny, eh). It turned into this lyric/poem. Maybe one day I’ll put it to music.

I wrote the first verse as a bit of cheeky sarcasm but it turned a little more thoughtful. I like the juxtaposition and hope you do to.

I Wanna Date a Millennial

© 2018 – Matthew Moran



I wanna date a millennial
Fill up on designer tea and tofu
Endure my peers, those disapproving glances
Is it the years or the yoga pants

I wanna date some old hippie chick
Long gray hair and a painted hiking stick
Who still believes that love is all you need
And in smoking dope and in nudity

I wanna date a generation Y
I’m not really sure of my reasons why
Lost somewhere between X and the end
Maybe she can encourage me to love again

I wanna date almost anyone
Who can help me enjoy some inappropriate fun
Laughing when they know it’s not allowed
And won’t respond with a frown or scowl

I wanna date my younger self
Practice self love and some mental health
Help him recognize the value of each day
Take all that guilt and toss it away

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