What do you do Matt?

I’ve started a new YouTube channel!


I try to answer what I doWell.. I have a technology tutorial channel,  a music channel, an advice for musicians channel, a personal – family stuff and a mishmash channel (which was mostly accidental). But I don’t really update those so much.. I’ve been frozen in this world of how to brand what I do and create a demarcation. It was exhausting and not very helpful.

I wanted to create a more open channel that would merge all the activities and match my consolidation efforts. My website is: MatthewMoranOnline.. and so, my YouTube channel is also, MatthewMoranOnline.

And because, I am often asked, “What do you do Matt?” – in sort of a quizzical, “we’ve looked into what you do and have no idea what you do,” sort of way, I decided to attempt to answer the question. Hmm..?????

What do you do Matt (view on YouTube)

[youtube http://youtu.be/PGJKayGxDuw]
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