Why I stopped selling digital marketing and how you can fix your social media

“Everyone wants to go to heaven… but no one wants to die!”


And that, my friends, is why I stopped providing digital marketing/social media consulting. At Pulse, we only provide database consulting/development and high-value information technology consulting. It simply pays better.

Oh… you need me to unpack that a bit? I’m going to do that and then I’m going to explain how you can actually fix your digital marketing and social media. And it’s the truth… I’m not selling anything!

Effective Social Time, Talent, and/or Money

We had great success with a few clients. One, in particular, hired us to define strategy, create content, and implement some campaigns.

How much did they pay:

  • $3,000.00 retainer for consulting and a setup/launch plan.
  • $1,000.00 per week for 10 weeks
  • $500.00 per week for another 4 weeks
  • As needed billing after that



$15,000.00 paid in about 3 months.
30% growth in business in 6 months
growth continued into the following year

I figure the client gained more than $200,000 in revenue, plus we trained their in-house talent for the $15,000.00 spent. That’s pretty good.

And he said, “I want rockstar results!”

The above mentioned client referred me to someone who had a similar business. They told the person I was a rockstar! The referral actually said, “I heard you are a rockstar! I want rockstar results!”

Hell yeah! Don’t we all!

We spoke about his business for 40 minutes or so. I brainstormed a bit. Came up with some ideas for a campaign, direction, and content, then said we could build on that and do something significant. And then the conversation went something like this…..


Prospect: “Great! How much to get started!”

Me: “A $3,000.00 retainer. That gets you plan, the technologies we’ll need, and 2-3 specific campaign ideas to build on.”

Prospect: “Whoa! What can I get for around $300.00 to start?”

Me: “You used that in the first 30 minutes of our phone call.”


Or to use a musical/performer reference:
“You won’t get the rockstar experience at the neighborhood open mic!” (unless I’m there)

That’s what I mean by the heaven and dying reference. Does it make sense?

If you have the talent in house to do social media on your own, do it! If you don’t, you are going to pay for it! Well, you’re going to pay if you want it to work.

Now with that said, here is some advice to help you be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE with your social media.

First, understand that social media doesn’t work

But you can make social media channels effective platforms for a great message, product, and most of all, content! Let me clarify… GOOD CONTENT.

Did you catch that?

I’m not backtracking and I’m not trying to be cute… although I am cute none-the-less.

For most people, “social media” means posting advertisements about their business, their product, or their service. Yuck!

Create your social in the same way you consume other people’s social

If you consider the above for a bit, it could fix about 90% of your social media ineffectiveness. You do want to fix your social media ineffectiveness… right?


  • Do you get excited about other people’s ads on Facebook/Twitter for their business?
  • Do you click and share when people say, “Look at my new product?”
  • Do you ever click “like” on a link that you never really visited?

Please don’t lie… you can lie online, but don’t lie to yourself.

You know that you don’t pay attention to your friend posting a link about their product or service on Facebook. You may even click “Like” because you feel obligated… but you don’t really like it! It bores you or you’re just trying to be nice.

Now consider what you posted about your business today/yesterday… who did you bore? How many friends “liked” your post out of obligation? You know they didn’t really like it. They didn’t buy it! No new customers showed up.

Educate or Entertain or Both

That’s it! I mean, we can discuss campaign ideas, technologies, platforms… all good stuff. Well, it’s good stuff when and if it is applied to the idea of creating content that your customers will actually care about!

Most companies won’t spend the money and/or develop the talent to do much of anything with social media. They, like most of us, want heaven. Dying (paying) is the problem. Dying is always the problem. On the other hand, high-value database work and automation is easily quantified and it is included in the budget.

And so, that’s where you’ll find me!

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