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You can download all 12 songs at once or individual tracks. See below. Listen and read about the project here.

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Don’t you want to sell your music and make money?

Yes! And lots of it!

How do you make money giving your music away?

Oh.. damn! I guess I don’t…
but I do have a plan… read below.


I have a mailing list (you should sign up). I perform and speak. I could go to my mailing list of a couple thousand people and ask them all to purchase the CD. I’d sell a few – maybe even a couple hundred CDs. I’d make a thousand dollars or two/three..

It won’t change my life and my music would be out with a couple hundred people.

~ OR ~

I could allow you to download the songs freely. I could ask – politely or even FORCEFULLY – for you to share the songs and this page with your friends and on your social networks. I mean, if you like them! Pirate the hell out of them!

This might lead to a few thousand people running around with my songs. I’ll book more house concerts. I’ll get more people on the mailing list… more people on YouTube. Maybe an artist or producer looking for a song to record, might hear one of my songs and approach me about recording it.

A couple thousand dollars won’t change my life… but a few thousand new listeners… might!

Our non legally binding agreement!

Raise your right hand (or left hand.. or nod in agreement) and state (or think) the following:

I agree to download and listen to your songs. If I like them, I’ll share your page and/or your music with some of my friends and one person I hardly know. If I don’t like your songs, I’ll share them with an enemy!
(you laughed.. you know it).


Download (pirate) my music

Where I Belong – full CD [121mb]
Where I Belong - Full CD

Individual Tracks

01 - One Night 02 - Something Like Love

03 - I'm Here 04 - Love You Bold

05 - Morning Girl 06 - Everyday Lies

07 - Never 08 - Lonely Mile Man

09 - Highway 10 - Where I Belong

11 - Promise of Love 12 - I'm On Fire

Donate to the cause

It helps me make more music – or buy guitar strings. And it’s a really nice thing to do.

Join the mailing list

join the mailing list



  1. I recently rediscovered a CD I bought when you played Butler’s Coffee. The date is October 16th. I figured it was 2010. There’s no track list included. Could you email me the track list so I can have the correct titles in my iTunes library?

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