The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit – Free Chapters

Below you will find a summarized list of free chapters for
The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit:
Your Complete Guide To Building Your Technology Career In Any Economy

I wrote the book from the perspective of someone who works in the industry – not as an HR expert or writing from theory.  It started as a series of articles I wrote in my career column for Power Media Group starting back in 2001.

You can pick it up at
Amazon, Cisco Press, or informit.

The IT Career Builder's Toolkit

Eventually, readers and others on the now defunct Cramsession discussion boards asked for a guide or Toolkit of career development advice.The chapters are provided for free – something I had requested from Cisco Press from the start.  My philosophy is that book people want books -if my content is good, you’ll buy it.  If you are not a book person, you won’t.  But having it available gives you access to it and you might pass it along to someone who is a book person.

Part I   An Introduction To Career Building

Chapter 1   The Toolkit Approach to Career Development

Chapter 2   Career Building Defined

Chapter 3   Information Technology: A Great Career

Chapter 4   Defining Yourself: Aptitudes and Desires

Part II   Filling Your Toolkit

Chapter 5   Self-Assessment

Chapter 6   Attitude

Chapter 7   Communication Skills

Chapter 8   Technical Skills

Chapter 9   The Cover Letter

Chapter 10  The Résumé

Part III   Putting Your Toolkit to Use

Chapter 11  Breaking into IT

Chapter 12  Building an Active Contact List

Chapter 13  The Job Search

Chapter 14  The Interview

Chapter 15  Salary Negotiations and Employment Agreements

Chapter 16  On-the-Job Promotion

Part IV   More Options to Build Your Career

Chapter 17  The Boundaries and Benefits of Working at Home

Chapter 18  The Toolkit Approach to Consulting

Chapter 19  The Move to Management

Part V   The Value-Added Technologist

Chapter 20  Make Yourself Indispensable

Chapter 21  Concept Over Process

Chapter 22  The Role of Mentoring

Chapter 23  Financial Control

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