YouTube Upgraded My Channel to an Official Artists Channel

This has been sort of a big week for me. Or start of the year, to be more precise.

As I was preparing to release my third song, Call On It Now, to streaming distribution, I realized that it would be advantageous to have a music only channel. My goal was to submit it to YouTube in order to turn it into an official artist channel.

Official Artists Channels on YouTube

These channels are connected to your distributed music, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. They give you additional opportunities for exposure plus they provide a few additional features for viewer/fan engagement.

My channel, prior to setting this up, had a variety of videos on it. Everything from music, me speaking at workshops, technology tutorials, videos of my dog, and any number of other topics. This works against your views in the YouTube world. People looking for music are looking for music. People looking for dogs catching frisbees, are looking for dogs catching frisbees.

So, I removed the lyric videos for my distributed songs from my old channel, created a new, music only, channel, and re-uploaded them there. Then, after releasing "Call On It Now" - uploaded the lyric video to the new channel and submitted it to YouTube for consideration.

Saturday, when I logged in, I discovered it had been upgraded. 

Today, I was notified that community posts were enabled on my site. That is another benefit to Artist Channels. Even though my subscriber count, currently dismally low, did not come close to the 1,000 subscribers needed to enable community posts, because it is an Official Artist Channel - it enables those features earlier. Here is my first community post.

I'm now in the process of removing any of my music related video content from other channels. I will be re-uploading some of it, to the new channel.

I talk about what the designation means to me in the video below.

I'm also including a couple other videos recently posted to the new channel. One of them is the new YouTube #shorts format. Enjoy and if you haven't done so, subscribe to the new channel. I would appreciate it greatly!


Demo of my new song, Peace of Mind

A YouTube #shorts video.

What I'm working on this week


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