Everyday Lies

Copyright © 2008 – Matthew Moran
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I drove by your house today
Unintentional, I lost my way
I shouldn’t be surprised to see his car

He always told me you were wrong for me
But you’re just right for him it seems
Guess that explains missing last night’s show

I don’t feel hurt and I don’t place blame
Don’t hold you responsible for my shame
And I don’t rage and I don’t cry
These are my everyday lies

So I drove down to that old laundromat
The day we moved you vowed you’d never go back
That must be why it feels so safe

It’s not like I planned this whole thing through
Not like I’m avoiding you
Not like I don’t know what I’d say..  cuz I’d say

We both play it easy with the truth
You said you didn’t want to hurt me
And I don’t want to see you cry.. so I oblige
With my everyday lies