© 2014 - Matthew Moran
Arrogant Sage Music


Everybody want good love good love, everybody want cash
Everybody want a life that’s full. Everybody wanna make it last
Everybody need belly full, Everybody need air to breath
Ain’t it funny how the more we get, want becomes a need!

She lives in Hollywood with her star lit dreams
Discovers everyone ain’t always what they seem
They’ve got a gleaming smile, they got a Cheshire grin
They want to do her up, they want to do her in

Left family & friends, took her ass out West
Where the sweat and the streets put you to the test
But she don’t think about that, she ain’t lookin’ back
You gotta sacrifice or slip through the cracks

He’s got a wife and kids, the house with the lawn
A girl on the side, he got it going on
An office with his name up on the door
He want to grab it all and then grab some more

But he’s a ticking bomb & he don’t know it yet
And a heart attack is where this story ends
Holding on too tight to what you cannot own
You’re gonna lose a grip and then you’ll let it go