Making Peace with the War

© 2019 Matthew Moran
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I once believed that I was a good man
Until I was exposed to the darkness within
And then you found me and I found my religion
And sacrificed all to the song and the sin

Jumped from the pan, right into the fire
Fell from on high to the valley below
Turning my back on what I’ve known and I was
I’m making peace with the war in my soul 

Mama told me son you are here for a reason
But I’ve lost my way so many times
That destiny it feels like a dried-up old river
And I’m like a prophet missing all of the signs 

Shackled and chained by every decision
Captive more of my body than of my soul
Bored of this life and the days that go crawling
But afraid of the unknown, so I’ll never let go