Reflections of Life

© 2021 Matthew Moran
acoustic rendition

One more shot of whiskey then the door
Past the car, I can walk it from here
Gave two years to the county and the courts
These lessons they’ve come late and slow
Day by day that’s how I go

Young woman at the diner makes me smile
She asked me to coffee, not date set yet
I think you’d like her, she’s just that type
Is it a sign of mental health
I don’t know if I trust myself

Life can turn on some pivotal dimes
Lay all those hopes and fears bare
Paying penance for my mistakes and crimes
I wasn’t one to play it fair
Must’ve seemed like I didn’t care
Another long sleepless night
These reflections of life

Four years to the day we laid you down
400 hundred miles in my escape out west
Left Tuesday morning without a sound
Sometimes it’s the only way
Sick of answering, “are you okay?”