Troubled Mind

© 2021 – Matthew Moran
acoustic rendition on YouTube


The reports of my demise
Well mostly they were true
There are fates far worse than death
There is no fate worse than you

If that seems too harsh a judgement
Let’s review some simple facts
I gave my heart in whole
You returned it with a crack

I could play the angry man
And I could shake my fist
Casting insults and aspersions
Shout, “I didn’t deserve this.”

But all I’m left to do
Is contemplate our time
Was it sweet? Was there passion? Was it true?
Baby, ease my troubled mind

I know that they’re not fair
The answers that I seek
That’s the lonely, that’s the jealous
I admit it, yeah, I’m weak

And I won’t hold you to it
We both know it’s a lie
Still I’d love to hear you say it
It might just help me get by