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Note to my readers: I'll blog more.

Performing out for the first time since 2019

Songwriter Matthew Moran - performing liveI was asked to play a local Farmer's Market. It was a paid gig too. And not just produce - though some vendors gave us some of that too - but real cabbage. Not a lot of cabbage. We also made a bit in tips.

More importantly, this was a chance to get my sea legs back under me. I've spent more time learning/getting better at recording and production during the pandemic. And that will pay dividends. But the muscles needed for performing are really different than those used when recording.

And it showed.

After my performance, I was talking to my girlfriend (and photographer), Debbie. I told her I gave myself a B- on my performance. I didn't feel as smooth in much of my playing and I forgot some lyrics.

She came back and said, based on my goal of being EXCELLENT, that I should really give my performance a C grade. I told her she was mean! But also told her she was right.

I have some goals with my music.

  • Build a small following
  • Open for some bigger acts
  • Submit songs for placement in movies and TV
  • Submit songs for other performers to record
  • Start a Patreon page when it makes sense

If that is my goal, then excellence is required.  I made a video where I assess my performance. See below.

Postcard and pictures

We are committed to growing our YouTube channel and do so organically. Over the past 15 days or so, we've added 34 subscribers. We are at 99 subscribers. I'm not satisfied with that. It is pretty lame to be honest. But, the growth shows we are heading in the right direction.

Prior to performing last week, Debbie designed a postcard to give away at the shows. And we added 5 YouTube subscribers from the show. Given it was a low-traffic Farmer's Market - working on rebuilding after it was closed most of 2020 and 2021 - we're happy with those results.

Here is the postcard, front and back and another photo from the show.

songwriter Matthew Moran promo postcard songwriter Matthew Moran promo postcard photo by Debbie Levy - stylized in Photoshop

Assessing my performance

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