100 YouTube Subscribers and Upping Our Video Game

At the end of last week we hit 100 subscribers on YouTube.

I am both excited and mortified! I'll explain in all in the video below. I'll also discuss some of our video making goals for 2022.

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100 Subscribers: Thoughts and Plans

We uploaded 4 videos on January 31st of this year. Three were song releases and one was our first channel trailer.

I keep telling people I'm mortified that 11 months has only resulted in 100 subscribers. But that's not really true.

While I WANT more subscribers, a review of my videos over the past 11 months makes it clear that I am both inconsistent in when I release them and, even more important, inconsistent in the video quality.  And that's good... because those are both fairly easily corrected.

We have some ambitious plans for this coming  year. YouTube and Patreon are central to those plans.  To that end, here are some video goals for 2022.

Video Goals 2022

  • Shorter videos: Snappier, more energy
  • Better quality videos: Lighting, sound, visual interest, b-roll, and more cinematic videos when appropriate
  • More fully-produced music videos
  • More consistent production: schedule & quality

I explain a bit of that in the video below.

Video: 100 Subscribers On YouTube

Feel free to share your thoughts? Whether you are a content creator or want to be one or simply your thoughts on my thoughts. 😉

Thanks for dropping by.


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