I wrote American Dream back in 2009, following the housing/banking crash. Reflecting on how the US routinely bails out large corporate interest rather than supporting and protecting the middle-class, the song was an amalgamation of ideas. The misguided pursuit of fortune over the pursuit and cultivation of relationships and the plight of the American middle-class.

A few weeks ago, Deb, my girlfriend, asked me to record a simple acoustic version of the song. You can listen to it via the lyric video below. I've also included the lyrics below that.

LYRIC VIDEO: American Dream


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LYRICS: American Dream

© 2009 - Matthew Moran
Arrogant Sage Music

An old yellow note read government repo
A sign of the times since the factory left town
The windows are dark, lonely, broken and boarded
I see a half-dozen more just a half a block down

And I can recall the tears on Mama's face
When daddy handed her the key
Just three rooms and a garden out back
It was called the American Dream

I've spent half my life chasing prey so elusive
My burning desire is this dream to be free
From East coast to West, through the soul of the heartland
Though I'm in pursuit I know it's chasing me

And I've seen the look in the older men's eyes
They shake their heads in disbelief
Son, they say, don't miss the life that you're living
Cuz that's the American Dream

For 20 long years I've been seeking asylum
My dream just a prison, my ambition a chain
Through my sacrifice I leave you this lesson
To save you this sorrow, to save you this pain

It's love that you need to live for a life that is worth living
Don't trade it for some vagabond dream
It's a heart not a purse that you should be filling
Cuz that's the American Dream

It's a heart not a purse that you should be filling
Cuz that's the American Dream


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