Recently, I moved my newsletter to Substack from Mailchimp. This post and the video embedded below explains why.

You can find me here:

I like Mailchimp. It's worked great and I have helped a number of clients set it up and use it for their newsletter. It allows API integration for custom forms and for automating newsletters. It has segmentation and automation for drip campaigns, etc. All the stuff you need for a full-featured email communication system.

The reality is, I wasn't using those features. More important, my goals have changed. Or broadened. My goals have broadened.

I am an artist. Take that self-proclamation however you'd like. Believe me, imposter's syndrome is real. I live it daily.

But, I should use the same assessment I use for others I consider artists. It isn't based on their popularity but on their creativity and their creations. As I've indicated about the difference between writers and aspiring writers.

The noun is wrapped up in the verb.

Back to why I am on Substack.

Substack is a publishing platform that sends emails to subscribers. It isn't a newsletter system. It's not a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

It's a CMS (Content Management System). And, in truth, it has fewer formatting and multimedia options than WordPress. That's a good thing.

By stripping away content to a bare bones approach to layout, I am left with very few options except to tell my story.

What Substack does provide is a simple system that allows people to subscribe by email or rss. More important, it allows me to limit some content to paid subscribers.

That's about it. And that is more than good enough.

I explain a bit more in the video below. I will post here from time to time but only very specific content that makes sense. But it will always be mentioned on my Substack. So, quick, before your better judgement gets a chance to stop you, go over to my substack and subscribe. 😉


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